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GIMP Book- Free Photo Editing Just got WAY Easier!

GIMP Book If you’re brand new to the world of GIMP, photo editing, and creating digital images, I wrote this GIMP book for you.

Learning how to use GIMP can be overwhelming. But, having so much power at your fingertips makes the time you spend learning GIMP worth it.

Now, you can learn GIMP fast with an e-book that was written just for beginners, like you. Clear, concise instructions, tons of helpful images, and a boat load of freebies put you on the fast track to using GIMP for all of your photo editing and graphic design projects.

Skip the steep learning curve. Quit searching for random tutorials. Stop guessing how tools work. Get Before and After: A Beginners Guide to Free Photo Editing in GIMP. It’s an ebook and video series for GIMP beginners that puts everything you need in one place, so you can learn how to use GIMP fast.

Unlike some GIMP books that have 500 pages of technical jargon, and cost close to $50 , Before and After won’t leave you guessing, and it won’t break the bank.

Want to find out more?

Get the details about the book, and the freebies that come with it here.

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